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Daylilies By Form
Frosted, Smoky and Stained Glass Blooms
Display List Last update: 1 February 2012

Accidental Tourist (Hanson-C., 2004)
height 31", bloom 6", season M, Semi-Evergreen, Tetraploid, Fragrant,  Rose violet blend with frosty lavender watermark above chartreuse throat. [(RUFFLED DUDE x sdlg) X TETRA TRAHLYTA]
Annika's Pigtails
Black Eyed Jester (Gossard, 2004)
height 38", bloom 5", season M, Semi-Evergreen, Diploid, 18 buds, 3 branches,  Purple with darker eye above green throat. (STARMAN'S QUEST X DARK MOSAIC)
Black Falcon Ritual (Hanson-C., 2005)
height 38", bloom 8", season EM, Semi-Evergreen, Tetraploid, UFo Cascade ,  Black purple blend with light purple watermark above chartreuse throat. {[Paradise Lost × (Smoke And Mirrors × SDLG)] × Jerry Hyatt}
Blueberry Breakfast (ROSE, 1988)
height 22", bloom 5", season M, Dormant, Diploid,  Slate lavender with wide magenta purple midrib and deep purple eyezone above green throat.
Elfin Illusion (Salter-E.H., 1995)
height 22", bloom 3.5", season ML, Semi-Evergreen, Diploid,  Purple with washed lavender eyezone and green throat.
Ghost Of Thunder Road (Hanson-C., 2001)
height 31", bloom 6", season EM, Semi-Evergreen, Tetraploid,  Violet purple self above chartreuse throat. [(RUFFLED DUDE x SMOKE AND MIRRORS) X NIGHT DEPOSIT]
In Taffeta Patterns (Hanson 2008)
Jerry Hyatt (Hanson-C., 2004)
height 27", bloom 6", season EM, Semi-Evergreen, Tetraploid, Fragrant,  Lilac orchid blend with violet slate watermark above chartreuse throat. (COGNIZANT DISSONANT X TETRA TRAHLYTA)
Kinky Reggae (Hanson 2008)
Masked Emotions (Hanson-C., 2002)
height 44", bloom 6", season EM, Semi-Evergreen, Tetraploid,  Grey lavender with violet eye above green throat. {[(TWILIGHT SWAN x MING PORCELAIN) x (HIGH LAMA x MING PORCELAIN)] X TUPAC AMARU}
Morrie Otte (Salter-E.H., 1996)
height 18", bloom 2.75", season M, Semi-Evergreen, Diploid,  Mauve with silver frost eyezone and green throat.
Paw Print (Shooter-E., 2006)
height 23", bloom 5", season M, Rebloom, Dormant, Diploid, Fragrant, 19 buds, 3 branches,  Medium purple with ruffled gray lavender edge with large round eye above green throat.
Priscilla's Dream (Shooter, 1993)
height 27", bloom 3.75", season M, Rebloom, Semi-Evergreen, Diploid,  Purple with magenta purple and lavender eyezone above white throat.
Satin Bird (CHILDS-F., 1982)
height 28", bloom 6", season M, Rebloom, Dormant, Diploid,  Violet and blue purple bitone with green throat.
Simmering Elephants (Murphy-J.P., 2005)
height 30", bloom 5.5", season VLa, Dormant, Diploid, 17 buds, 1 branches,  Grayish brown blend with purple red eye and yellow midrib and prominent veins above orange yellow throat. (sdlg × Tropical Depression)
Sins Of Omission
Snake In The Grass Boo (Shooter-E., 2003)
height 40", bloom 7", season M, Rebloom, Dormant, Diploid, Fragrant, 36 buds, 5 branches,  Dark huckleberry black purple above chartreuse throat. (STACK THE DECK X sdlg)
Spirit Folk (Peat, 2001)
height 27", bloom 10", season EM, Semi-Evergreen, Tetraploid, 20 buds, 4 branches, UFo Crispate ,  Lavender purple with purple eye and edge above green throat. {[(KYOTO GARDEN x ELUSIVE DREAM) x SPLENDID TOUCH] X GOLDEN EPAULETS}
Tasmanian Devil (Peat, 2005)
height 29", bloom 5.5", season EM, Dormant, Tetraploid, 25 buds, 4 branches,  Black purple with wire white edge above green throat. [Quote The Raven × (Scott Fox × sdlg)]
Trahlyta (CHILDS-F., 1982)
height 30", bloom 6.5", season EM, Rebloom, Dormant, Diploid, Very Fragrant,  Grayed violet with dark purple eyezone and green throat.
Tet. Trahlyta
Tet Trahlyta (Gossard conversion)
Teddy Bear's Picnic
Teddy Bears Picnic (Moldovan, 2005)
height 40", bloom 6", season M, Semi-Evergreen, Tetraploid, 25 buds, 4 branches,  Light chocolate with velvet purple eye and creamy edge above lemon green throat. (Widow's Walk × teta Trahlyta)
W. Unruly Stripes
Westbourne Unruly Stripes (Meadows-M.J., 2006)
height 32", bloom 6.5", season MLa, Rebloom, Semi-Evergreen, Tetraploid, Fragrant, 28 buds, 5 branches,  Black wine with pink veins and black eye above green throat. (unknown × unknown)
Zugunruhe (Hanson-C., 2000)
height 36", bloom 7", season EM, Semi-Evergreen, Tetraploid,  Mauve gray rose blend with lavender watermark above chartreuse green throat. {[NILE CRANE x (CHATEAU BLANC x DANCE BALLERINA DANCE)] X CHINA LAKE}
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